The Ruby Within: Navigating Life's Pressure With Daily Ritual

“You are a ruby embedded in granite.

How long will you pretend it’s not true?

We can see it in your eyes.

Come to the root of the root of your Self.” -Rumi

Daily rituals are not just mere tasks on our to-do lists; they are profound vehicles and opportunities for self-discovery and growth. They light up our paths, helping us unlock hidden potential and remain open to the countless possibilities life offers. Like the way a ruby’s fiery resilience is honed under immense pressure, our true strength and beauty often surface from the crucible of life’s challenges. The question then arises: how do we process the emotions and mental imprints left by these challenges without resorting to numbing, distracting, or suppressing them, which only allows them to take deeper root within our minds and souls? It’s through the disciplined and conscious repetition of activities that reshape the mind and transmute emotions, which are, essentially, energy in motion.

Embracing Solitude Through Meditation

Embracing solitude through meditation was a pivotal turning point in my healing journey. Following the sudden loss of my husband, I found solace in the practice, becoming a Chopra certified meditation teacher. Meditation offered me a sanctuary to focus on a single mantra, gently guiding painful memories to the surface before returning to the present. This foundational practice taught me that while pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice, highlighting meditation’s power not just for personal healing but as a universal tool for navigating life’s inevitable hardships.

Movement and Artistic Expression:

Similarly, my path led me back to movement and artistic expression, particularly dance, which has always resonated with me. Whether through ballet, hip hop, or the fluid, passionate dances that allow me to express a more feminine and deeply emotional side of my being, dance became a means to release grief, pain, and confusion from my body. The act of dancing, offered me a way to not only navigate but also celebrate the complexities of my emotions. This aspect of my journey underscores the importance of physical movement in healing and expressive release. Movement that resonates with you is a vital component of your own toolkit for navigating emotional landscapes. It is in these movements, often passionate and imbued with grace, that I find a powerful expression of resilience and renewal.

Breathwork and Yoga: Uniting Mind, Body, and Spirit

The discovery of holotropic breathwork opened another avenue of healing, leading me to a comprehensive 500-hour yoga teacher training. This journey into breathwork and yoga, especially the rapid and efficient ‘active breathwork’ from trauma-informed Kundalini practices, reinforced the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. I’m excited to share these practices, offering them as accessible and empowering tools for anyone to integrate into their daily ritual, enhancing resilience and inner peace. Their transformative power has been profound in my healing journey, and I believe they can serve as valuable resources for others on their path to self-discovery and growth.

To control your breath is to master your mind, to reclaim your power, and to step into the destiny that awaits you.

The Ruby Within: Navigating Life's Pressure With Daily Ritual

Art and Land: Crafting a Personal Sanctuary

The process of transforming my ranch house, a reflection of my own state when I found it, into a space of beauty and functionality mirrors the larger theme of personal renovation. This transformation, paralleled with my engagement in visual arts and other artistic endeavors, illustrates the role of creativity and environment in healing. There is so much potential in your surroundings for creative expressions, it reflects and supports your inner growth.

Polishing Our Inner Ruby

Each of these practices has been a steppingstone in polishing my inner ruby, uncovering the resilience and beauty within challenges. By sharing these personal experiences, I aim to illuminate the path for others, demonstrating how daily rituals can serve as beacons of hope and instruments of transformation on their own journeys toward self-discovery and healing.

Mindful Reflection

I hope the practices I’m preparing to share will resonate with you, inspiring you to create your own toolbox of daily rituals. Remember, we possess the free will to rise above the challenges we encounter. They need not confine us. Instead, become the sculptor of your destiny, letting these experiences mold and refine your essence. By committing to yourself daily, through a mindful routine that promotes balance, you’ll notice a profound shift in your overall well-being. It’s about showing up for yourself, every day, with purposeful, conscious actions.

Often, it is only through being propelled into the hero’s journey, through the daunting ‘dark night of the soul,’ that we truly confront ourselves. It’s a path not taken by all, for it demands courage and resilience. Engaging with our shadows, embracing them, and integrating these oft-neglected parts of our psyche is what bravery truly is.

Your daily ritual tool box aren’t just routines; they are anchors and compasses that orient us as we journey inward. They have the power to recalibrate our energy, setting us on fresh courses that surpass our wildest dreams. So, as we forge ahead through life’s undulations, may our daily rituals illuminate our path, guiding us toward an authenticity that resonates with the universe’s rhythm.

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