Overcoming Creative Resistance

“Discuss what you have learned this week about the visceral sensation of resistance and what you believe you can do to break through this resistance on a daily basis.”

I recently explored the sensation of resistance to letting go of pain, realizing how one can become accustomed to being in a ‘fight or flight’ mode all the time, and its connection to acceptance. Applying this understanding to my resistance towards dedicating my undivided attention to daily creative projects has been eye-opening and beneficial.

My mind uses resistance as a form of self-protection, stemming from uncertainty, fear, and a desire for control. I find myself resisting the surrender to the magic of creating art, for which I am merely a vessel, and I certainly can’t control every aspect of my creations. Learning to trust in the process and to practice embracing uncertainty about the exact path, duration, or what the final product will look like is challenging. I suspect my perfectionism also stems from a desire for control, which in turn breeds resistance.

To manage the sensation of resistance, I first accept how I feel without harsh self-judgment. Reminding myself that this sensation is merely neural pathways firing in my brain, fulfilling their protective role, helps. I then choose to turn away from all distractions and allow myself to be uncomfortable when the urge to stop arises. I have learned that on the other side of discomfort lies freedom and joy, which in turn allows creativity to flow effortlessly through me.

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