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“Can you articulate a craft problem in the piece you are currently writing— and how you intend to handle it?”

I’m currently developing scripts for “Kriya,” which I’m reimagining as “Active Breathwork” to make it more accessible. My aim is to clarify these practices for a Western audience that often views Kundalini yoga with skepticism, sometimes confusing it as a religion or witchcraft. Although I’m passionate and energized by the creative process, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the urge to share everything I know, despite understanding that sometimes less is more. A significant part of this challenge is weaving in the science of the mind-breath connection and ensuring the practice is adaptable for all abilities, drawing from my background and commitment to making yoga accessible to those with limited or unique abilities.

My perfectionist tendencies sometimes add complexity to the process. I feel as if I’m literally learning to talk again having my speech affected by trauma has given me another hurdle overcome. Another challenge is regaining my confidence on camera—I’ve yet to meet an actor who enjoys watching themselves. Though my role isn’t that of a traditional actor, I am embracing the part of a ‘guide.’ Having spent years setting strict boundaries, often preferring to be disliked, as a form of protection. I’m learning to smile, exude warmth and be vulnerable again. However, I’m dedicated to daily practice, affirming it’s safe for me to shine and to be a part of society again.

A positive outcome of past traumas is my developed resilience against online negativity; I’m not swayed by trolls or the urge to people-please. Nevertheless, the fear of failure is palpable, considering the significant investment of time, energy, and resources in this project, which also honors the legacy of my late husband and myself. Despite the pressure, I’m poised to take the plunge once the final, experiential content is prepared, aiming to create something more profound than simple instructional videos.

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